It’s me ya’ll, ya girl. Thriving, out here, booked and busy. This blog is a mix been health, wellness and an online diary. Using my experiences in modeling, fitness and dating this platform is an outlet I am using to help people – and help myself. Expect to get some laughs, beauty tips and love advice. I am super excited that you guys are following me on this journey.

As a sober woman living in Miami Beach I’ve seen everything. I moved here as an an aspiring model and started dancing in nightlife. I gave that up when I got married and modeled full time. After a few years and a divorce I got back into nightlife as a bottle waitress. A few Italians later I quit the nightlife and traded in fishnets for leggings as a pilates instructor. With the help of another Italian I got certified in Pilates. Then a Cuban fucked me up and I started this blog. I haven’t stopped since.


I think it’s important for women to be heard. An advocate of all things authentic my social media shows the true me – but only in photos and short videos. This is my true voice where I can air out my dirty laundry. Being helpful is the foundation of my success, but you can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself. Truth, self appraisal and lot of comic relief keeps me sane and grounded in this city. A sunny place for shady people, Miami is still my home.

Now  I am an established model, business owner, fitness instructor, nightlife host and now a blogger. I have a lot to offer and I know my worth. The content I post all make up the jungle. Some have dark corners and scary paths while others illuminate with sun and colorful foliage. All of it is me and over the years the only thing I know how to be is myself. I hope these posts are relatable and are if nothing else entertaining .Welcome to the Jungle.