If you’ve been tuning into my insta stories (of course you have) you will notice a mini rant of me trashing your #WCW. I have been inspired by popular IG personas to create these posts. Some are very specific while some encompass a broader range of women. If you are taking this post personal and think this is about you, why don’t you take off your strip lashes and read these next few paragraphs. I am not bashing women or putting women down. I am all for plastic surgery, “paid sponsorships” expensive taste and the latter.  What I am not here for is pretending to live that lifestyle when you got brown skid marks in your draws. I am here for having tons of followers and selling your flat tummy tea – but fix your teeth and address you speech impediment. I am here for fancy travel destinations, but tag Amir and Muhammed who got you there. Periodt.

Some may say this is still a man’s world. Women are to be seen and not heard. Women have fought through decades to make this world a more equal place. Giving us the right to work, vote, and be in charge of our own bodies (for now) pioneers like Joan of Arc burned at the stake for crossing men. In my opinion we will never be equal to men. I mean we create fucking life so we are far past men, but thats a different blog for a different day. Feminists (which I am not) want equal rights for men and women and I gotta say we as a gender have come along way. And now we are in 2019. Where our biggest problems are “why didn’t I get invited to that fashion week party” or “how can I get my ass fatter?” Where the top family of interest isn’t in politics or journalism – they’re on E with different names that start with K. Every season the cast has a new face and a different hip to waist ratio. Selling sex in a lip gloss bottle and legit wiping out the NFL and NBA with their vaginas. And I’m not mad at it. They are exactly who they are – the originators, influencers and trend setters, but I now I go on my gram and EVERY BITCH LOOKS THE SAAAAAME.

Sis, why the fuck would you want to look like anyone other than you? A better you, skinnier you, more poppin you – I’m here for that all day. I am all for using corrective measures to find happiness, but I’ve been around a couple 24 hours and I gotta say that happiness usually doesn’t come from materials. If you aren’t happy with what you have now, what makes you think you’ll be happy with more? So we try to recreate celebrities and mimic them meanwhile our ancestors are rolling over as we totally discount values instilled in us as a child. I see girls with Birkin bags that can’t read. Why do you need a $15000 bag when you can’t follow the care instructions? Oh I know, because we are valued by what we look like and not what we say. I see girls decked out to the function who uber pool it back to their studio apartment. I know girls who post photos of their man and tag his side bitch’s friend in the comment. Everyday we strive to live up to an image that is created by emulating what we see on TV. We forget the shows aren’t real and the “drama” is followed by a very large check. Instead we giving the tea for free! Frauds, scammers and wannabes looking to get “chose” is the five year plan these days. What happened to working hard and being a decent human? Fuck an influencer I have influenza as I’m trained to be jealous of bitches for what they have WHEN THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE WHAT THEY SAY THEY HAVE!

It’s not our fault. Look who our role models are. Look who our first lady is. This is the age of do nothing bitches who filter their ass and spread eagle their loose vaginas on onlyfans making THOUSANDS a month. In the words of Frank Ocean, “at least you’re working.” And rappers want to date them and girls want to be them. And now you got a chick with millions of followers working with the best brands going to the best places and they open their mouth and I’m hearing a lisp and bad use of tense. Your #WCW doesn’t know the difference between a subject and a predicate and it shows. They are the ones with the reach to make a real impact because sex sells and they’re beautiful – but they say nothing of substance. Just vapid noise. So who can we blame? Girls for being girls or us for continuing to glorify them? Us who continue to show the world that we care more about clout than character. The same bitch doing the same shit. Highlighter again? Fashionnova again? Wow DollsSkill – ground breaking. Your #WCW was fucking at burning man and has dirt in her pussy.

Some women just use the good hand they’ve been dealt. It’s not their fault they’ve been born into fame and wealth. A lot of women use their plugs to catapult their positive ideals. Plenty of women have used their platform to showcase things other than their bodies and designer dresses. Starting businesses or being advocates of true sisterhood, they raise others up and are an inspiration. The Beyonces, Issa Raes, Lizzos, Tracee Ellis Rosses of our time. The color doesn’t matter, but the message does. Doing things men couldn’t do.  Still rockin Prada cus fuck it why would you not, but bringing more to the table than a fat ass. And there’s women who have come from nothing. Who aren’t sex symbols, who are famous simply because of their brain, drive a creativity. The Ellens, the Oprahs, the Michelle Obamas, who use their struggle and come up to empower woman – still wearing Prada. And then there’s your #WCW. An overly fillered unsigned model who fucks the Raven’s quarterback. A European stripper who trapped one of the greatest artist of our generation. A build a body Colombian selling protein shakes that you just insta-carted and a bottle server thot who is premium snap chatting her surgery scarred nipples in bunny eared videos for subscriptions. TRAAAAAAAASH.

I have no problem using your ass for some cash. Cardi B is a hero of mine, but in between buss down Rolexes and rainbow weave, she’s sitting with democratic candidates discussing why the youth should vote. She did what she had to do, kept it 100 and is trying to elevate her fans and raise a child. Do what you do sis, but call it what it is sis. If you ain’t rich, don’t pretend to be with your dirty air mattress. Stop claiming that you’re spiritual when you making rogue accounts to stalk you baby daddy. If you don’t have a nice body, why don’t use have a nice brain instead of Facetuning your cellulite? I’m all for beautiful women in any shape in size, but what’s coming out of your mouth? Does your internet you match the real you? What books are you reading? Bitch can you even read? At the same time, everybody ain’t for everybody. There are a few women I simply don’t fuck with. I know them personally and they ain’t my cup of tea. Guess what? I respect them. They are activists, they are twitter bashing Trump. They are saying shit and people are listening all the while being beautiful. That’s the thing about authenticity. It won’t get you loved, but it will get you respected. I believe the saying goes money, power, respect – cus I don’t need love I have enough of that on my own.

So since your #WCW fucks for Chanel, let’s quote Coco herself. “In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.” You wanna be like every duck faced waist training collar bone tattooed bitch, do that, as that is your right. Comparison is the thief of joy and I am never happy when I am trying to be someone else. I scroll through my timeline and it’s like Groundhog Day and it makes me sad that an entire generation of women can only find beauty in one ideal. And we continue to follow, like and comment this ideal further promoting their validation. A pretty face doesn’t make me wet unless there’s something behind it. Support whomever you want, but just know this cycle won’t break until we remember that we have the power to be way more than  sex symbols. Being thin and pretty is goals but strong words have the power to leave a lasting impression. Even when I was “out here” I still worked, still trained clients, still did my Saks shows and still was in AA on the regs. I still spoke my mind and still had an opinion. Even when I was taken care of I took care of me.

Kids are committing suicide over likes and girls are convinced they’re not enough. What are we teaching out daughters? We are too concerned with engagement we’ve lost sight of empowerment. Be your own #WCW in all your flaws and all. Stop trying to showcase shit you don’t have. IG is a trap and you’re out here worshipping some girl who isn’t even who she says she is. She had bad acne and is spamming my DM’S for a like. Nah sis no SFS today. My #WCW is unapologetic. She wears no makeup and is mouthy af. She works everyday and if she isn’t working she’s watching Law and Order with her dog. She is hyping her friends up as well as herself. She is not in the club. She is not showing her five pair of Louboutins because no one cares. She has food in her teeth often and her toes are something out of Jurassic Park. She may flex her Mercedes sometimes just to show ya’ll what she working with (in case ya’ll forgot) but she’s usually spitting flame bars. She is who she says she is 99 percent of the time. She preaches self love, sobriety, hates fast fashion and you can count on her plug for vegan cheese. My #WCW is me but we already knew that.