I have worked in nightlife for over 12 years. Fuck I’m old. I have always loved the club scene – I remember being 17 and moving to NYC three days after high school to “model” (aka explore my sexuality and cocaine addiction) and being in PM in Meatpacking drinking warm vodka and dancing with my long weave ponytail. I then moved to Tampa where my parents bought a house and became a gogo dancer in Ybor City. Even though I got sober for the first time a few months later, I still loved the atmosphere. I loved dancing as I was professionally trained in ballet from age three. I loved drugs hence the sobriety now and I loved being center stage. Moving to Miami a year later I became a head dancer for Liv. Making a couple hundred a week I was dancing five nights plus modeling gigs. I had a little hustle going but nothing substantial. The best club in the world at the time – dancing for the best DJs – in full hair and makeup was kind of surreal. After years – legit YEARS my ex husband didn’t love the idea of me dancing half naked and ruining my skin for such little pay so that ended. Around my separation I was turning 26 and needed insurance so I became a hostess at Wall in the W. I was being paid ass but I had full benefits and it was something to distract me from my current situation. My boss then promoted me to a bottle server and now we was really poppin. I was making 2K a week minimum – single and spending my money as fast as I made it. I had all the labels and I was independent paying off debts so it was all worth it. Then I got fired for hitting someone who touched my hair and I realized how shady nightlife was. No loyalty. Over staffing girls so we made less money or taking me off the schedule when I wouldn’t kiss ass. I think I worked at Mokai for a day and quit when I was told I had to “bring clients.” I worked at Ora for two months – another shit show. From not opening on time to having ownership stealing my money, my hate for nightlife grew. I was then going to move to Vegas to work for Marquee but between the distance and being blocked from an old manager at Ora who literally told people we slept together while he was fucking another waitress I was not for nightlife. I went back to modeling full time but my finances were a mess and I could really use the extra income. I got a job at Ricky’s as a promoter with @babymommafit and it was lit. I worked with my best friend and we ate pizza every night. Everything was Gucci til we couldn’t bring people and since we are sober and everyone we knew woke up at 8, it eventually phased out. Finally my last bottle girl stunt was Hyde Beach. I really can’t say much but the money wasn’t that great and the head just wasn’t worth the headache.

Nightlife is a mother fucker. Greedy bosses, caddy ass bitches – most of them full on whores. Creepy dudes. Good money – but inconsistent. Sometimes your section sucks or the night is slow or your table doesn’t come. EVERYONE IS FUCKED UP. You become a vampire. I wanted to start training full time and so I walked out of Hyde in the middle of my shift during Art Basel. I was done. The next day I posted on IG that I was taking on private clients. By the end of the week I had 11. I was no longer the lady of the night and I was thrilled.

Nine months ago a girlfriend of mine (who just got engaged – bitch your ring is goals – you won hot girl summer forreal I see you) text me that her client was opening a new speak easy in Miami and wanted a face for the venue. I was done for the club hours, but I was open to the conversation. I met one of the owners, Zack Bush. Now this isn’t a paid post or an add or a plug. This is to show you that you should never close the door on anything, because opportunities only come to those ready to receive. So we met and I liked him – but of course I had horror stories. I told him my terms and my budget – what I could and couldn’t do. That I was sober so I wasn’t with the fuck shit. He agreed and had his own terms and we come to an understanding. I told him I would try it out.

Fast forward. I work at Los Altos now three times a week. I book tables. I staff costumes for Ball and Chain as well as Los Altos. I help hire servers and bartenders. I am in charge of our new night NOCHE BONITA where I have female influencers host. I do social media. I help with decor. I get drinks tickets for everyone I bring – no limit. I have my check handed to me every night – even when I am late – which is often. I get bonuses. I sang happy birthday to my best friend in very bad pitch and wasn’t fired. I get free food. I listen to amazing music and have conversation with amazing people. Zack has become my friend and my mentor. He has given me relationship advice. He knows my family and I know his. He sometimes hires my friends just because or let’s me leave early to drive to Boca to see my man. He trusts me with his venue and his vision and I guess I deliver. I used to hate working nights. I felt like a piece of meat half naked in a cold smokey club. There was no creativity unless I wanted to dance and make no money. If I wanted to make money I had to deal with the hours and the people. Now I have both while still being able to focus on fitness and do modeling gigs. I’ve never had to fight someone for touching me or defend myself from a mouthy manager.

I’ve never felt underpaid or overworked. Do not let any industry jade you. The job isn’t shitty sometimes your boss is. Stop letting fuck ass people dictate your salary. If you hate your job quit. Do something that truly make you happy or work for yourself. Create a business and set goals. Take risks. Show your peers how valuable you are. If you’re not valued you’re disposable. They say have three jobs. One that makes you money, one that keeps you in shape and one keeps you creative. Zack I love you and I want a bonus for this post. You’re a great man. Your club is so good we have people copying it. Ain’t that some shit. I’ve never felt like a lady of the night with you – I am the lady who runs the night. Big difference.