I took a few days to write this post because I really wanted to get my point across. A lot has happened in the last week and I want to give my readers clarity in the most direct way possible. I even made sure to cultivate my writing space and implemented a proofreader because let’s face it, my grammar is trash.

A couple months ago, a man went down in my DM and offered to take me on an exotic vacation. A private profile and 6 followers. I declined. After several failed attempts, his persistence caught me and we had dinner. Zero attraction physically but decent conversation. He told me he wanted to get to know me, and thought my whole instagram was an act. I assured him it was. The next day, we went to Bal Harbour and he bought me a Chanel backpack. Our encounters went that way. He said he read my blog and so I thought he knew what time it was. Overly generous I got bags, shoes, cash – all without ever asking or making any effort on my part. He had the kind of money that could really make a difference but I knew I could on never be intimate with him. Over 50 and Jamaican he reminded me of my Uncle Pat.

Weeks went by and I knew he wanted to cash out on his investment. Meanwhile, I started to catch feelings for someone else I was dating heavy and knew the Jamaican arrangement wouldn’t last. I said fuck it – let me get a yoga certification and cut it. I blocked him from my stories and tried to finesse for the last time. He peeped game, started to bullshit, and I knew the gig was up. He told me he would sign me up, but since it was in June he wanted to wait – blah blah. I told him I was doing it regardless of his assistance and I was doing it on my time. I was going to spend a long week at the Ritz with the man I really care about it, so I wasn’t really texting him. He then text me a story from my IG (which I blocked him from) and proceeded to lie to me when I called him out for roguing. He told me his IT guy helped him unhack my stores. More like, you made a fake account and checked my page. Nigga your rogue account was your initials in reverse. ANY MAN OVER FIFTY WHO IS DMING GIRLS ON IG AND STALKING FROM A ROGUE ACCOUNT SHOULD REALLY ASSES THEIR LIFE CHOICES. He proceeded to aggressively text a dozen times and asked me if I knew his net worth. I told him I didn’t give a fuck and then blocked him. He then pulled a SCORPIO-NO and emailed me. That’s the last I’ve heard.

I said it in SPLENDA-DADDY and I’ll say it again for the people in the back. Some people are so poor, all they have is money. I love the “bag” more than anyone but I love myself more. I will not tolerate any man who tries to manipulate me. Period. I don’t need it. I like it and I’ll take yours don’t get it fucked up, but if I’m sacrificing my integrity to get it, there’s no point in having it. Do I know your net worth? No because I care more about your character. Any man that would rather give a girl a bunch of useless bags than an education is not worth my time. And with two failed marriages at 56, you are leftovers boo. Not to mention you made your wives sign a prenup. So I have to fuck you and not even leave with half? We definitely not doing that in 2019. You are a means to an end. An intermission between a real show – one you couldn’t get tickets for. And then to lie – I didn’t lie – I told you what you wanted to hear. You read the blog you know the vibe. I thought this was child’s play. You’re not the only one trying to be the only one.

PLOT TWIST. Old men are wack. What the fuck was I thinking. I was told by my current ting (who’s younger than me) that one of my 50+ exes looked like an earth science teacher. That’s wild. I look at my line-up over the last year and I gotta say I gotta do better. Over 50, single and rich means you really gotta suck as a human for someone to not be with you for at least your money. And to be trolling the internet. Don’t y’all have some grandkids to burp? What is going on here?

I think I’m retired y’all. And I’m more than okay with it. The ironic part is, I started to feel guilty for using people. I thought damn, this dude likes me and I’m not into him at all. I even have a podcast (debuting March 25th on thejoyfulhour.com) where I discuss my internal conflicts on the subject. Luckily, I’m once again proven right and so, I have no ill feelings at all.. Only that I should have taken more. For not having to put out, and meeting once a-week for lunch and a shopping spree, I am very pleased with the outcome.

PLOT TWIST. This sugar daddy shit ain’t for me. These men are fucking gross and have no manners. Funny thing is, all of the older men I date have daughters. I would fucking fight my dad in the street if his senior citizen ass was dating a thirty year old model. Like pops get it together! And there you have it. I’m booed up again with someone totally off brand. PLOT TWIST. Under thirty and American, but he wears my merch and laughs at all my jokes. He knew about my previous situation and while he didn’t support the idea he saw the vision. Do I know if this is the one? Honestly, I hope so cause I have nothing more to give and there’s nothing out there. These Cuban’s are scammers, these Italians really disgusting and these daddies are controlling and petty. I hope you read this and know that if you want true happiness, you need to date age appropriate women and set an example for your daughters. Stop throwing cash at women and let them like you for who you are. Get off social media and go out into the real world; try to gain a female’s interest via conversation. You love Tom Ford but your girl was dumb bored. I still spit bars bitch. I guarantee you’ll come up short because without your money you are nothing. What’s your net worth? Try buying self worth. Oh never mind they don’t sell that in Gucci.