While I have usually always been pretty content with my body, I have been noticing since I hit 30 that things aren’t hanging the way they used to. They used to not hang at all – which inlies the problem. I’m usually in my Hanky Pankys which hug my ass in the best way possible so I am usually unfazed but I caught myself outside of the shower in harsh natural sunlight and almost lost my shit. Shop the looks here and here.

Genetics have had my back for awhile and saved my ass – literally, but as I get older I have to do more work. Carbs are not optional and neither is cardio. Photoshop fixes a lot but in real life there are still flaws. This may sound fucked up, but I have been used to eating pretty much whatever I want and working out with minimal efforts. I am strong and lean by nature and I didn’t need much to stay that way. It seems a lot of that has changed.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that I am an addict so I have a mental illness. I am also a model so my standards are extremely high. I am a woman – so I’m a psycho by gender and I am a control freak. I have been told to be dramatic and exaggerate (this is what they say not sure how true it is) and so some of what I see may not even be real. What is real is work and work equals results.

I have teamed up with @expertfoodadvisors to start a meal prep plan. A paleo plan with no carbs – eggs in the am, fruit and nuts for snacks and tons of water and juice are going to be my diet for the next two week. Cardio, pilates and hot yoga are my routined workouts of choice and minimizing eating out is crucial because of course abs are made in the kitchen. I wish I was disciplined to wake up at 6am with @babymommafit and do fasted cardio but your girl works in nightlife and needs her sleep plus these hoes keep me busy at night. It’s hard out here.

For a lot of people who follow my fitness journey I have always been proud of my body, always been open to different workouts and have always made this my lifestyle. At this stage of my quest for health and fitness it’s about being disciplined with diet. My father is an ex chef so a healthy palette was never the issue, but it’s much easier to eat out skip meals totally than it is to prepare small meals through out he day.

I asked a guy who hooks up with a lot of porn stars and insta-thots if the girls looked as good in person as they do on the gram. He laughed and assured me that it was all Facetune and filler. While it made me feel better, it motivated me to want to look the same on and off camera. Aging is a process everyone endures and while beige don’t age my mom is white, so it’s important for me to know I am not exempt from God’s plan. I use hundred of dollars of creams and thousands of injections, so now it’s time to make the insides match the outsides.

This month is about me rededicating time to myself. The trips were lit, being out here is fun, love me some booked and busy. Now, I need to do some self care and really practice what I preach. I’m excited to share my results with you. Worst case scenario I’ll go to DR and get some lipo. Any Spanish daddies DM me.