I am sure most of you tuned into my IG yesterday and I am sure you saw a huge discussion about the N word and it’s use. Who can use it. When to use it. I was minding my own business taking a shit when I was tagged in a post from @kiaraspage a turtleneck enthusiast with 1300 followers (I’m being generous) and her reasoning for her tagging me and @babymommafit was that we were not allowed to use the N word because we are not black. Not that the word is foul, or that it’s derogatory and should not be used. I have no idea who this human is, but she thought she knew me enough to claim my race – or lack there of. How could she assume I was black? Not like I have an afro or anything.  I was then called a bitch, twice in one post and then sent videos of her shitting and now posting that I am problematic because my mother is white. I then went in on her via instagram story and tagged her in everything I posted because let’s face it, I am petty and I am problematic.

Did she say in her stories that she actually began all of this? That she was bored enough to engage in something that had nothing to do with her and then bring me into the equation. That we sang a song on the internet and she felt some type of way, maybe because her fuckboy didn’t text her back or because her dad was in my DMs. Not really sure.

Now I know the N word is not PC. I don’t get offended when white people use the word honestly because I use the word. Words are not something that offend me. I have a blog that talks openly about sex, so for me to be offended by a six letter word would be quite silly. I get offended by bigger shit. Like when the wire doesn’t come through. That is some real shit.

I have been in the public eye since I was young. Dancing, modeling, fitness, social media, reality TV are all apart of my resume. I think I visited Europe for he first time at 13 or 14, so I was cultured, have a Euro-Caribbean father and American mother of European decent. I have four brothers and a sister. We are all different shades. All my siblings have kids and I think I am the lightest of everyone. We all have coarse hair to some extent. My mother has no close family and grew up with my family – a family who claimed her regardless or her skin color. My father’s first wife was European, his second Jamaican and his current and final, American. I know he went through some shit growing up in the 60’s marrying a white woman being from Jamaica. I think I was six when I realized I was definitely not fully white. I used to get teased for my ethnic hair and white features. Of course I had moments where I wanted to look “normal” but I would have been happy to look fully white or fully black. I would have taken full Asian just as long as I looked like something people could identify with. I’ve been called the N word and who fucking cares. Yes, I’m black. I am happy you see me as black enough. That was my struggle growing up. Never being enough. I was never confused about my heritage and I’ve been using the N word probably since I’ve been old enough to understand it’s role in pop culture.

This is not a history lesson on my family and how black I am and how the N word is wrong. The word is wrong and I have gotten shit from it – mostly from white people who just don’t agree with it used as slang and prefer not to hear it. I absolutely agree and believe it can cause some tension and discomfort, unfortunately as we read earlier, I am problematic. This person felt that because we were not black enough we couldn’t use the word. Her posts said “when non African American’s use the N word.” Last time I checked I was a woman of color. Maybe not your color, but of color indeed. Not realizing @babymommafit’s dad is actually blacker than mine, she started talking nonsense about homosexuality and “the right mixture” and how she’s throwing hands. Ya’ll know I am too pretty to fight I hire people for that shit. If anyone wants a freelance job DM me.

My issue, aside from the fact that I don’t know this person, don’t really care that much about the word or any word as I care about actions, is that I was told I couldn’t use the N word because I am not a real nigga. Not because the word is just not a nice word. I bet she listens to Drake who has a white mom and says the N word in every verse. Did you DM Drake and complain? Yes I went in on your body and your nose because your nose is ugly and I am a brand ambassador for @dermagym and I was looking out for you. I offered you free workout classes cus I was in a good mood and your rolls in your shitting video you sent me need to be addressed. Was I foul and low and petty? YES! And that is what you get when you insert yourself into my instagram and started tagging me in shit that has nothing to do with me.

So my final point is this. Mind your fucking business sis. Get out of people’s DMs. Don’t claim smoke and then start blocking people and going private. I live for this fucking shit. And don’t come for my friends. Say whatever you want. Know that there will be consequences if you say he wrong shit in front of the wrong people. And ban hatred from everyone regardless of color. No one has the right to use word because of their skin. Simple. I’ma keep saying it though cus I’m a grown woman. A grown BLACK woman. I was raised by my mother, a white woman and my aunts and Grandmothers, women of color. I was raised by a BLACK man and MIXED brothers. We never discussed our race and we didn’t have to. It wasn’t a competition. I was taught more important shit like how to work hard and believe in God. That when you’re great your color doesn’t matter. My elders didn’t come from a time of mixed and racial ambiguity. You were white or you weren’t. I was told once that if you ain’t white you a nigga. A nigga (Black) a rice nigga (Asian) a sand nigga (Arabic) or a bean nigga (Latin). I fucks with this. If I’m not black please send me over some white privilege. Been dying to see what that is like. Educate yourself and stop taking shit personal. In my thirty years of life I have never been told I am not black enough to use the N word. Last time I checked my nappy bush qualified me to as black but I could be wrong.

Do not come for me and my family. Do not message me on something unless you have all the facts. You thought we weren’t black, or not black enough for you. We are all black. We all have the same struggle, maybe in different ways. All minorities have struggles and instead of trying to out black people why don’t you try to be informative. Bashing people’s “mix” and bashing their heritage is corny, especially when you’re claiming black power. I salute all women. Black, white, brown, yellow. I am down for a convo about insulting racial slurs, but I am not down with “not getting a pass” because my skin is too light for you liking. Why don’t we just not use the word at all – or better yet keep our opinions to ourselves since no one asked. Here’s a picture of my mixed dad and my mixed brother. I am nappy and happy in the middle. My white mom took the photo. We might not look like the Obama family but this is an American black family. If there were two lines for whites and blacks, we wouldn’t be allowed in the white line. This is my family we light skinned but we still dark niggas.