I’ve been doing this gratitude challenge on instagram and it’s been pretty awesome. I have always done this on and off for nine years as its part of my AA practice, but I decided to share it via social media. It takes the edge off the fact that I promote prostitution and have older men assembling furniture and taking me on trips. Balance.

Usually my lists include people – @babymommafit, my current fuckship, being thin. Lately the list has been quite long. I received two dozen roses today so that was lit. I believe some YSL shoes are in en route as well. Pics will come in future blogs. I’ve been manifesting some shit and it’s been coming to fruition. It’s been nice to be honest and open with the men in my life and to get everything I want – especially without asking.

Of course, this is not easy and some men are going to tell you to piss off. But I have people in my life for different things. First can I just say that the corny meme is true – your girlfriends are your soul mates. Boys are just people to fuck. I think when you are single and you really want to thrive, your eggs can never be in one basket. One for food, one for the workout, a couple for the money and a couple to make you cum. Hopefully someone of them can make you cum and have money. Then you can really have some fun.

The main thing is to not have expectations. You can’t expect the food dude to give you Louboutins. Or the guy with the money to run 8 miles. Yes of course we want it all, but if you are single, unless it is a choice, there’s probably a reason. You probably aren’t ready for a relationship. I usually hold men a hostages when they date me so right now everyone is a winner. I just know that when I become the things I expect from others, that’s when I meet people who have everything to offer. Men speak and we do not listen. Through words and if not through actions, you will know what role you play in a man’s life. If you’re happy with the role keep casting. If you’re not stop showing up at the audition.

I’ve got a couple multitaskers. One who caught me way by surprise in a good way. And several who continuously remind me why I am single and maybe  I will die alone. All morbid shit aside, life is good. I cultivate the energy I want for myself and then I attract others. Positive affirmations, a shit ton of self awareness, and the ability to be vocal are all things that will help you manifest your dreams.

I am not a feminist and I never claimed to be. That means equal rights and equal responsibility. I’m good fam. I don’t need equal anything, unless we get divorced – then I’m taking half. This is a man’s world and women just live here. I am happy to be a provider. You will not catch me cooking or cleaning to any real extent. But I think that using your looks to get ahead is the smartest and most honest form of come up. My father told me as a child to use mine. My skin was light and I was thin and white men liked me. White men write the checks in case you forgot.

So in 2019, let’s really fuck it up. Let’s really get what we want by any means necessary. I am surely no one to judge. Do you boo. I just know that in my experience, all men want to do is exploit you. I have dated rich, poor, fat, skinny, Italian, Cuban. Most in this generation are the same. So if you’re going to fuck me over I might as well get a check. Here’s me in my favorite Hanky Panky bodysuit manifesting a trip to Tulum. You can shop the look here. https://www.hankypanky.com/signature-lace-thong-back-bodysuit-new.html Oh wait that’s booked for February. Booked and busy.