As we all know me and @babymommafit say this all the time. WE OUT HERE!!! Well today I spoke to my boss and friend and I asked myself, “Shit. Am I too OUT HERE?”

I’ve come to the conclusion that no, I’m not. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me being OUT HERE is your true authentic self. Whatever that is to you, on that day and in that present moment. Social media and millennials in general have this obsession with perfection. A million followers, the perfect ass, the best teeth. Yes, I love me a good grill and a follow back, but I try not to let it consume me. I am still poppin without instagram. I get caught up like we all do, but for me I have to bring it back to what’s real. Fuck the filters and the perfectly curated posts. In a sea of cookie cutter girls, the most refreshing thing is to be real. Being OUT HERE is about losing all inhibitions and doing whatever the fuck you feel.

Most recently I guess I have been OUT HERE sexually. Being safe (for the most part) I have been single for the first time in years and feeling really bohemian about casual sex. I have been making my own personal choices about who I choose to sleep with – no strings attached and no regrets. I think that it’s a phase cus ya girl low key wants love, but for now it’s the move and it’s fun. This is not for everybody, but this is where I am at in 2019. It may be January, but for ya girl it’s still Hovember.

Today at Prime Fish ya girl was OUT HERE. There was mad food at the function and I went in. I truffle mac on one plate and chicken parm on the other. Ya girl was eating mad dairy and now i’m mad flatulent. I haven’t worked out in three days, but that’s why we have facetune. OUT HERE.

Last week I talked shit about my ex online. I stalked him from my rogue account, tagged him even though I am blocked, messaged his maid looking girlfriend and posted it. I don’t even like him anymore. I was jus bored. My current Italian don’t live here so I had to harass an old one. FUCKING OUT HERE.

Are there consequences to being OUT HERE? Of course. Can it be dangerous? Absolutely. But bad decisions make the best stories. At the end of the day it has to sit right with your spirit or it isn’t worth it. Worrying causes stress, anxiety and wrinkles. Then your ass looks old and then you really out there. Being OUT HERE comes with a price. Maybe a little judgement, some haters and a smaller circle. You really need to be secure with yourself to be OUT HERE. A lot of people won’t understand, but I will. With the a new year in the making try to be the best and truest version of you, whatever that looks like. Get that lip filler. Cuss out your Splenda Daddy. Block your Scorpio-No. Tag your cuban. Thrive bitch!