They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I am not flattered. @amanda_ichlibi thinks it’s ok to steal my images and use them to promote her hideous handbag company and if that isn’t worse she’s not blocked me and made her profile private after she’s been reported by me and dozens of followers. She obviously has zero intention of removing my content. Good think karma is a bigger bitch than I am. She’s even taken my Instagram stories – which we all know my stories are better content than my posts.

Trivial to most people, they may not see why this is something to be pissed about as they don’t know the impact social media has on our world and more important my business. I watched an amazing documentary in Turks and Caicos called “Follow Me” where a young man from UAE uncovers social media and the relation it has on our youth. Youtube, Instagram and most recent Musicly are all apps that millennials are making millions off of. Videos and photos are carefully curated to entice brands to hire influencers to sell products. These influencers make their living off of these sites and their content is the main reason. I have spent years creating relationships with photographers, videographers and brands so that I am able to post beautiful images daily. I have several paid collaborations a month that help pay my expenses and I am always striving to have more. This is my job and my livelihood. Along with pilates, modeling jobs and hosting gigs, this isanother one of my outlets to make money. So essentially Amanda you’re fucking with my bag. No one fucks with my bag.

So I encourage all of my followers to keep reporting this fraud. Thank you to the followers who already have and many more thanks to the ones who brought this to my attention. You the real ones. And for you Amanda: your location says Brooklyn? Good. I’m from Jersey and I have some friends your way. Where I come from we throw hands. I messaged you from my rogue account and I saw you “seen” it. Name the time and place boo. Just make sure it’s before February 10th cus me and my girls are dipping t to Tulum with new bae.