So as the new year approaches us its a time for resolutions. Usually broken three weeks into
January, I abstain from making promises I can’t keep. I don’t like liars so I especially won’t lie to
myself. Plus I’m pretty content of the state of my morals and values so I don’t really think there’s anything to work on. Kidding.

I need to stop with this fucking Juul for one. I’m a fitness instructor I can’t be seen cheefing off a metal vape pen its ridiculous. Plus it’s bad for you.

I need to stop dating Italians. Again, lies I will not tell myself. The Cubans I’ve let go of but never
the Italians. I’ve recently met a Gemini. I love the pain.

My swearing. Aside from being totally inappropriate it helps my writing and it gives me
character. Embarking on the corporate world I could see that being an issue. That could be me,
but I don’t have a corporate job.

But something I can and will do is continue to write on this blog on a regular basis. I got a new
laptop from a friend who I cannot blog about – so there goes a great story – I know you’re
reading this – and he’s given me some great feedback and tools for cyber success. I have been
a bit down for family reasons and Splenda Daddy bringing his ex to my city for Christmas. I
hope you’re also reading this like the text you read and didn’t respond to. Schiffo.

My writing hasn’t flowed as smoothly and I have been unsure what direction to blog in. And now
I have this laptop and this new knowledge and I’m not writing. What’s the excuse? The excuse
is that I am trying too hard. Trying to make money off a blog I’ve had for 5 minutes. A blog that
was just supposed to be an outlet for my crazy. A blog that never would have taken off had I not
fucked around with so many assholes. Assholes I choose by the way.

So what’s changed? I was told today that there’s no such thing as bad content. That I need to
write everyday to build a consistent audience. Everything I do can’t be about the money. I mean
yes this is the end game but I have never been an overnight success. I am the late bloomer but
bitch when I bloom I’m bringing all my thorns with me.

There may be some random skincare posts that bore you. Or workout routines and activewear.
Oh well. You getting it all. I have to just be me. So I’m sorry I’ve been absent and I’m sorry for
not giving you vagina monologues every day. It may come as a surprise to you but my vagina is
not that loose. I’m still working out some kinks via aesthetic and fonts, but this is me. Jungle
Johanna. The rose and the thorns. New Year baby, but I’m still that same bitch.